The company was promoted in 1998 and is managed by industry professionals with combined work experience of over 50 years in the synthesis , production and marketing of dyestuff.

Products & services include dyes in purified salt free and low salt crude versions. Colormax also produces specialty free acids & salts of selected acid dyes. All dyes are  unitary & produced under proven and tested manufacturing processes . Good manufacturing practices and responsible environmental care is part of company policy with in house waste treatment facilities. In house facilities at our 2 sites , proprietory processes and efficient management have helped us become one of the lowest cost producers of selected acid dyes.

Quality control infrastructure includes in house QC and applications lab based in Ahmedabad equipped with spectrophotometer, infrared dyeing machine, and leather dyeing drums, which helps us achieve batch to batch consistency and offer customers  consistent quality year after year. All batches are tested on relevant substrates to ensure quality & performance.

We are a trusted supply partner to industry trans national and multi national companies with a client base of over 250 active customers in 27 markets worldwide.

Supply programme includes a expanding range of consistent and high quality dyestuff  in :-
1. Acid Dyes
  - acid leveling type
  - acid milling type
  - 1:1 and 1:2 metal complex 
  -  TPM acid dyes
  -  Xanthene based acid dyes
2. Solvent Dyes
   - azo solvent dyes